Is this type for a attribute possible?


Can I define a type for a attribute that contain a list of different values?

e.g. the instance looks like


I don’t believe there is any attribute type that specifically provides for a list of values. Your example could be catered for by a simple xs:string attribute that just holds the list as a string. You could then process the string and parse it into its component values.

Alternatively, if you are designing the document structure yourself, why not have an separate attribute for each component of the position list.

For example:

I must use a existing xsd file. This represent the base of the tsd.So I can not change the attribute names.

The solution with xs:string might be the best.
I had nearly the same idea, but I thought that exist a better solution.


You can restrict the value space of an attribute of type “xs:string” using the pattern facet (

This one is supported with Tamino 4.1.1.

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