wait ack still in waiting........ But Receitpt acknowledgment received in TN.


I am having two action Initiator model for PIP 3A4 Implementation. i am sending PIP3A4 Request document to Partner. Partner receiving the PIP3A4 Request document and sending acknowledgment back to Initiator model…

Receipt acknowledment received in TN. But Initiatior model Step “Wait for ACK” is in Waiting status

PIP3A4 confirmation document also received in TN. But Initiatior model Step “Wait for External Document” is in Still “Waiting” status.

Complex join type in Step “Wait for ACK” like,
Transition-from-N6(Send PO Request) and ReceitptAcknowledgment(RNIF 11) or ReceitptAcknowledgment(RNIF 20)

Complex join type in Step “Wait for External Response Document”
Transition-from-N22(Process Ack) or Transition-from-N16(Send Receipt ACK) and PIP3A4vV0200 Purchase Order Confirmation Action Buyer Document

Can you help me to find out to resolve this issue. Thanks!

Step 1. Apply patch RN_6-0-1_SP2_Fix2
Step 2. Modify \packages\WmRosettaNet\config\rosettanet.cnf to set rn.feature.duplicateDocCheck=false


I have slightly similar issue. The process is like this;

Our partner send Request

We send ACK

We send Confirmation

They send ACK but we don’t get it

We send Confirmation again (after 2 hr timeout)

They send the exception of band (Exception RNIF 2.0)

All of our inbound 3A8 & 3A4 failed due to this problem and our partner confirmed that they did send the Receipt Ack successfully.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


We applied the fix and it works.