Virus scans inbound messages


Recently I came across a question from someone where they asked me if webMethods is capable of scanning messages for virus (like in SAP’s Netweaver)

Though I do not have the complete background on such a question - it got me thinking if a Integration tool like webMethods should be capable of scanning for virus/sql injection. If not, how does it tackle such a requirement? Thoughts?


Good point, even I am not sure about this point. Let us see what other comments on this. Also, please check with SAG support to get more details on this.


Also, wM is a middleware tool I hope it doesn’t support this capability, due to this reason, we keep our wM under RIP which is under DMZ area’s in which networking team have policies which takes care of virus scanners.


Due to this our server are under DMZ,internal firewall and external firewalls. As per my knowledge firewall will take care of all these scanning.

Even i have some doubts like if the external party sending virus files in the form of encrypted way. In this case we came to know only when we are decrypting the files in internal servers. - Here i have question - what happened in this case?

@MR - Any idea on this.

I don’t think Krishna. Networking team have some policies to identify virus though it is in any form. But still there are chances to un-identify in some scenarios. As your concern pertain to Sender, we should not bang our head thinking this, he should send us the right data with out any malfunctions.