Antivirus Scan Filter

Supported Versions: 10.0 & above


You can use the antivirus scan filter to configure webMethods API Gateway Server to interact with an Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)-compliant server. An ICAP server is capable of hosting multiple services that you can use to implement features such as virus scanning or content filtering. Using the antivirus scan filter, webMethods API Gateway Server can leverage the ICAP protocol to scan all incoming HTTP requests and payload for viruses.


  • An ICAP-compliant server must be installed and configured in the DMZ and the webMethods API Gateway Server must be able to access the ICAP-compliant server.
  • The ICAP-compliant server must have an ICAP service registered and the service must be accessible using the format: icap://<icap_server>:<icap_port>/serviceName
  • webMethods API Gateway Server must be configured to send emails so that server can send alerts in case of any configuration or connectivity issues with the ICAP server. The email alerts are sent to the e-mail address of the administrator specified in the Internal Email field on the Settings > Resources screen.

UI Configurations


(1) External clients send requests to webMethods API Gateway Server

(2) webMethods API Gateway Server collects client information from each request and evaluates the request against any rules (combination of filters in this case "Antivirus scan filter") that have been defined. webMethods API Gateway Server forwards the request to the ICAP Server and it scans the request using the registered ICAP service.

(3) If the ICAP server detects any malicious content in the request, depending on how the rule is configured, webMethods API Gateway Server denies the request or allows the request and sends an alert about the violation of the rule.

(4)  webMethods API Gateway Server then passes requests that have not violated a rule to the Internal Server.

(5) The Internal Server processes the requests and sends responses to webMethods API Gateway Server.

(6) webMethods API Gateway Server then passes the responses back to the client.