Message Size Filter

Supported Versions: 9.12 & above


Message size filter enables the webMethods API-Gateway server to reject or allow the incoming request based on size of the request. In some cases the native services may not have the capability of processing the incoming request of very large message size. For example, a request of 20mb chokes up the native service and makes it unavailable for other request to be handled. Message Size Filter comes in handy for preventing such scenarios.

UI Configurations

  • Under Message Size Filter, in the Maximum Message size box, enter the maximum size allowed for HTTP and HTTPS requests, in megabytes.
  • If the request is larger than the size specified in this limit, the request violates the rule and webMethods API Gateway Server performs the configured action.
  • Select the Enable check box to enable this filter now, or enable this filter later by editing the rule on the Edit Rule screen.
  • Save the configured Rules.


  1. External clients send requests to webMethods API Gateway Server
  2. webMethods API Gateway Server collects client information from each request and evaluates the request against configured rules ("Message size filter" in this case) that have been defined. webMethods API Gateway Server forwards the request to the service.
  3. Service processes the request, webMethods API Gateway Server either denies the request or allows the request based on the message size.
  4. webMethods API Gateway Server then passes requests to the Internal Server.
  5. The Internal Server processes the requests and sends responses to webMethods API Gateway Server.
  6. webMethods API Gateway Server then passes the responses back to the client.  


Below is the sample request which shows the error message configured for the rule.