Active Transfer and Anti Virus Scanning


Has anyone successfully integrated anti virus scanning into an Active Transfer Scheduled Task.
I am trying to carry out a number of file transfers using SFTP and need to virus check the files as they pass into or out of our network.

I have used SAV32CL (sophos on demand scanner) but it takes an average of 15 seconds to scan a 1k file, as it takes 10 seconds to load the ide files , which it does on every call.


Interesting…but how are you handling the file passing into a virus check via MFT/IS built-in or custom service thru or I believe a command line tool with SAV32CL?

Just curious:



Currently I have a script that is being passed a set of parameters from a scheduled task item.
The script implements the Virus Scan as a separate CMD process, and handles the activity that takes place in the event of a virus being found.
The called script passes back a status to the scheduled task to determine if the process continues or exits.

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ok thanks for sharing the logic and sounds a fair design: :smiley:


Hi Stephen,

Can u please provide steps/instrutions how to do virus scanning?


Anti Virus scanning needed every time when we are transferring files. It will protect our system as well as our data also.