View task without having its inbox in the menu


we have some applications which, among other modules, contain MWS tasks. The tasks are queued from within processes (steps of type “User Task”).

I’d like to configure the system in a way that

  1. The users can see and work with tasks assigned to them

  2. The users have only the entry “Task list management” but no “My Inbox” and no inboxes for specific task types in the MWS menu.

I fail to do this. If I grant the permission “Task Application Root Page” then users can work with the task (see its page with task details etc) but they also have the menu entry for the task type. If I don’t grant this permission then the menu entry for the task type is not present, but then the users also can’t see the task details.

In the task engine user’s guide, there is the section “Limitations When Denying Access to My Inbox”. But the condition there is “when you grant the user access to a task type inbox, but deny the same user access to My Inbox”, which is not my case, because I deny both.

Any hints?



What I can get from your post is that you wants to give access to user only to the task assigned to him.If so please check if the attached ACL management is working for you.
Task Inbox Access.docx (142 KB)

Hello Baharul,

thank you for the quick reply. But what you describe is not quite what I want.

Sure, I want that the users can see the details of only those tasks that have been assigned to them (or their roles).

But I’d like that the users only have the “Task List Management” entry in the MWS menu. No “My Inbox” and also no entry for the task type.


Have you tried with providing access to Task List management instead of Inbox in My webMethods application from resource type in role management.And provide all task access from resource type as “Task”.Please let us know what problem you are facing after providing access to Task List .

I am sorry to say ,currently I don’t have any set up for BPM to try with this option.

Baharul Islam