View Instance ID queries


In the EDI Module admin page,

In the tab: Define Instance ID Queries.

I would like to see the defined queries. I that possible ? if so, where ?

Thank you!

No it wont show defined one’s as far I am aware (EDI6.5 wise not checked 801 yet).But did you have set any defined query on particular document type and check from the same page?


I didn’t create one. But I need to see, already existing queries.

The actual prob. is - For some processes, the conversation id is not being populated. As per my understanding, the conversation id gets populated from the instance id query.

To check that I need to list the queries which are already in place.

ConversationID for EDI documents?..No that is mainly used for RosettaNet based integrations perspective in conjunction.

BTW,What is your IS version?