View adabse records

I am new in adabas world, anyone tell me that how can I view employee database records using adabase DBA Workbanch on windows XP?

The DBA Workbench doesn’t provide data browsing tools. You need a programming tool such as Natural, which includes some data browsing options.

Ok Thanks Douglas Kelly, but how can I Add, Delete and Edit records?

Use Natural programs - see STORE, DELETE and UPDATE commands.

how to extract total records from adabas using natural

Adabas is arguably the most powerful and efficient database package available today.

Natural started life as a programming language designed to simplify access to Adabas files. It has since evolved into several development platforms running on a wide variety of computers.

You cannot learn about such powerful software packages by asking a few basic questions. Education is key. Ask your employers for a class.

To answer your question Keerthi , would require using terms you are probably unfamiliar with.

I presume you want to know how many records are in a given Adabas file. You could read through the Adabas file (in physical sequence would be most efficient) and simply add one to a counter for each record.

Alternatively, and here come terms you may be unfamiliar with, if the Adabas file has a not null suppressed field that is a descriptor, you could do a HISTOGRAM on that field and add up the counts for every value.