Number of records in an adabas file


I am trying to find out how many records are in a number of Adabas files and would like to know the most efficient way of obtaining this.

We are running Adabas 3.1 with DBA Workbench under Windows NT and Natural 2.2.3. (These are legacy systems hence the lack of on-site support available)

Should I write Natural code and if so is Reading physically and displaying *counter the quickest option or is there an adabas utility I can run in the DBA Workbench? (I tried running a Workbench report but could only obtain the top ISN and since ISNs are not reused this is misleading)

I am looking to find out the number of records in about 50 Adabas files some of which have several million records.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

This information is better supplied by Adabas Workbench. Natural 6 with Multi-fetch would be my second choice.

I haven’t run Adabas 3.1 for some time, but I believe the same report was available back then. In Workbench, highlight the database. Click Report File InformationUsage … → Data StorageOK. Scroll through the report to see the number of records in each file.

I do not have a copy of Adabas 3.1 running, but still have a 3.3.2 up and running. Ralph’s description is absolutely valid as far back as 3.3.2.

One of these days I have to get rid of back versions of Adabas & Natural from my PC (along with old versions of a dozen other software packages. right after I finally get around to deleting e-mails that go back to last millenia).


Thanks Ralph, your advice has helped me a lot and has saved me from writing Natural code :smiley:

My next challenge will be to migrate this legacy data (60m+ records) to a data warehouse so I am still going to have to brush up on my Natural. :frowning:

Thanks again