ADARUN and ADAPREF and their functions


 Anyone who can tell me what is ADARUN and ADAPREF and how do they function?  Can both support the following tasks:
  • Include records in tables
  • Delete records in tables
  • Read records in tables
  • Update records in tables

I’ve come across those terms in the past but don’t have a deeper knowledge on them.


There are many ways to perform the functions you describe:

It would be better for this forum to provide appropriate help if you supply some basic information about the environment you wish to perform said tasks in. The easiest way regardless of platform to do these things is to use the Natural programming and runtime environment in which access to the underlying database is taken care of for you by the DBA and platform system administrators. However, outside of that, if you are using a different programming language, the platform on which Adabas resides and the programming tools you wish to use to manipulate Adabas data with or a description of what you need to do in more detail would be relevant.



Hi Brian,

   Thank you for your quick response.  I am using Natural programming.

Since you will be writing Natural code, you will be using the following statements:

- Include records in tables           STORE
- Delete records in tables            DELETE
- Read records in tables              FIND, READ, HISTOGRAM (doesn't read records, but index (associator) data)
- Update records in tables           UPDATE

Assuming you have access to Natural documentation, you should read through these statements.