Version Control

Does anybody knows how to implement different package versions on Integration Server?
For example, we have
and need quickly replace all services witch use ver1.0 with ver1.2
How can it be done?

Hi, Archipe.

By creating a Patch Release (as opposed to a Full Release), you can create ZIP file for export which includes only the services required by your upgrade.

From the Administrator at http://[I]serverhost:serverport[/i], select “Packages > Management” and create a new archive as you normally would. I don’t have the screen in front of me, but there is an option to create a “Patch Release”. Follow that path and you should be alright.

Consult the Administrator’s Guide (PDF) for more detailed information.

Archipe :

To my knowledge, there is not an elegant way to do what you are trying using webMethods Administrator. You can always create a patch release (selecting only a specific set of files and selecting the patch option), the problem that I have found is when you import that patch, it overwrites the package and does not get merged. So, partial package replication and patch release are something that I always discourage.

I may be doing something wrond here (my guess is that I am selecting some files that I should not). Please let me know if this is the case.

I was able to take the appropriate folder in the ns folder of the patch release and copied them over to my destination folder and reloaded the package and that works fine.