Version Control with SVN

So we have recently installed an webmethods ESB solution in our company from Software AG.

Since I have a local IS license, I have a stand alone IS server on my workstation, I created services,packages
and using SAG designer SVN plugin I check these directly into the SVN{hosted on another server say} from my machine. This works good for me as I can develop/check-in/out from my computer.

The question I have is that our DEV Integration Server is on a linux box say {IS-ABC}, this server is intended to be used by other developers who dont have a stand alone IS license. They use Software AG designer to connect to this sever and build services/packages etc.

For version control we were given the following information by some Software AG support teams

'3.2.2 IS Packages (Shared development environment)

In this scenario, multiple developers share one Integration Server for development. To achieve local source control management, you have to share the folder {IS_installation_directory}/packages of the central Integration Server in the network. Make sure that all developers have read and write access to this directory and all of its subdirectories. If the Integration Server runs on Linux, use Samba to share the folder.

However, we do not want to go with a file share as this has its own overhead.

I know one option is to create an svn client on the Integration sever box IS-ABC, and then get developers to execute commands on this to check-in services.
Is there any other approach we can use for these dev’s, any way to connect SAG designer to the IS_ABC and check stuff into SVN, or alternately a GUI svn client for the IS-ABC box?

I think Development license are unlimited and can be used by all developers, but confirm with SAG.

Good option I think, as U already doing, is to have a local IS on all developer’s machines, checkout latest from SVN, develop, unit test and commit when satisfied using Designer SVN plugin.


is this just an IS license for development use or is it a License for “Local Service Development”?

You might want to check for the WmVCS package in combination with the WmSubversion package to connect the Linux IS to SVN.

Refer to the Configuring_the_VCS_Integration_Feature Guide and Service_Development_Help (Chapter 6 Using the Local Service Development Feature) for further informations.

Local Service Development is available for all wM 9.x versions.

Unfortunately this feature is not working for me as it requires modifications to the SVN server which will not be made by my SVN operations team.


Looks like WmVCS is deprecated in 9.9

From 9.9 release notes:
"Deprecation of WmVCS package
The WmVCS package, which provides the functionality for using the VCS Integration Feature, is
deprecated. "

Replacement, if any
Use the local service development feature (Local
Version Control Integration) to check package
elements and their supporting files into and out of
a version control system (VCS) directly from

Hi Venkata,

if WmVCS is really deprecated from now on, the dependent Packages like i.e. WmSubversion should be deprceated too.

I would prefer the Local Service Development variant as the WmVCS feature is not compatible with the way how our SVN is being hosted.
Unfortunately the Local Service Development feature could not yet be configured for our Designer 9.5 SP1.

Lets see what will happen upon our next migration.