version compatibility between UM 9.7 & webMethods 9.5 Suite


I’m planning a migration to webMethods 9.5 suite. Since this version is fixed (political reasons …) and I’m interested in UM 9.6 / 9.7 Security features, here is my question:

Is it possible to run UM in version 9.7 and the further suite in version 9.5?


I would say wait … UM is still not fullfledged replacement for Broker.

But UM does have lot of features and capabilities which Broker can never give !

But can I use Broker pub/sub features of UM 9.7 with an IS 9.5 or has the IS 9.7 implementation changed for Broker compatibility?

Yes the broker API used by IS services are leveraged to support some of the services supported in broker to UM as well.

It is advised to get SAG say on this… when you run into issues , SAG might say it is not per recommendations :slight_smile: