VDA & ODETTE EDI messages

Dear fellow,

We’re using webMethods for doing EDI within Automotive. Our trading partners typically use the VDA and/or Odette EDI message standard.
The webMethods EDI module unfortunately doesn’t come along with these 2 libraries/templates by default. Does anyone have these templates, has made them before or knows where to get them?
Thanks for your help.

What are the VDA and Odette message types trying to develop in your integration.


Hi Rama,

The VDA messages we need are:
4905 Delivery Forecast
4913 Despatch Advise
4906/4908 Invoice/Self Billing invoice

The Odette messages are:
DELINS Delivery Forecast
AVIEXP Despatch Advice
INVOIC Invoice
ORDERR Purchase Order

Could you help us any further?
Thanks for your response!

Send me a test email to ramu_cs@yahoo.com.

Hi Richard

I�m also interested in the VDA templates. Can you send me the EDI template for the webMethods EDI Core?

My eMail Adress is: stephan.blinn@web.de

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We are migrating from webMethods 4.6 to 6.1. So we are suing VDA 4905 EDI & ODETTE Standards also in our project. Did anybody is having the latest SEF files for above standards. If anybody has could you send, we will use them.

Thanks & Regards
Naveen Kumar.G

Hi Naveen,

if the message format has not changed, your old SEF file should still work. SEF is not version dependent. Apart from that webMethods 4.6 did not support VDA and ODETTE directly, Would suggest you to check with webMethods if they provide those support now and if they have those SEF.