Various customisations to the style sheets

Hi all

We have had so much assistance during the past 2 to 3 months and now we would like to contribute some of the work we have done in as far as the generation of an xapplication is concerned. These changes work for us in the way we use them but would require some more development to make them really robust for general use.

In the attached zip file is a document detailing the types of customisations we used in our application. All these are changes that are made to the structure documents and allow for regeneration of the application without losing the customisations. Included are also the changed style sheets to accomplish these customisations.

These include things like drop down lists, radio buttons and for us a very useful feature of being able to have recurring elements appear at the bottom of the input screen as a table to which you can add entries as well as in which you can modify the values. There are other minor changes as well.

We also make extensive use of client side validations via scripting and so the scripts have been split up with three of them being general to all pages and the validations.js being specific to each doctype.

We hope this will be of use and maybe some of it can be built into newer versions of xapplication.

Elsabe Jacobs (30.2 KB)


thank you very much for your contribution.

We will keep it in mind for a next version of X-Application.

Thanks again