Customizing X-Application Generated Pages

I want to customize my X-Application Application by customizing the template XSLT s .
1-Is it a good way for this?
2-Is there any XSLT designer recommended for this?


Hi Noushin,

if you like to customize the layout of a specific application, then it is not necessary to change the xsl template pages. Just change the layout of the JavaServer Pages directly. But, if you regenerate the application by the generator all you changes will be overwritten.

If you are intending to change the layout for all new applications generated by the generator then it is reasonable to modify the xml template pages. Now, all the new generated applications will show your modifications.

Hope this will help you

Regards Thorsten


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Thank you for your understanding.


but is there a special tool for modifying XSLT stylesheet templates ?
or should we do it manualy ?


Hi Noushin,

we do not use a special tool. We edit our xsl pages manualy with a common text editor.

If you search the web, I’m sure you will find certain XSLT editors, but we do not have any experiences with them.