X-Application architecture review request

Dear all,

we plan to add two major features in next versions of Tamino X-Application: Schema-less document support and Plug-Ins.

Schema-Less document support includes
- documents where schema information is partial (i.e. support for schemas with ?any?)
- documents where no schema information is available (e.g. temporary documents, maybe resulting from a join).
To implement this, we plan to change the internal architecture of X-Application.

Plug-Ins provide an extension mechanism, e.g. to add business logic to applications.

This document has been written to share our plan with you, the reader and user of Tamino X-Application to get your feedback. We appreciate all and any feedback. For giving feedback please use the questions provided at the end of the document.

Please give feedback

  • mail to TaminoCommunity@softwareag.com.
  • post a reply or start a discussion within this forum.
  • additionally you may use the “Rate Topic” feature (at the bottom of the topic) as a short visual feedback for all forum readers.

This specification is provided for review purposes.
Depending on your comments we will determine whether to include the described functionality into a final software release package. This decision is up to Software AG’s discretion.

Regards, Harald

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Dear Harald,
I have examined the new architecture of Xapplication a little. Both the support of any node and plugin for business logic will be VERY useful for my application since I have asked many questions on both these items.
When do you think the new version will be released?
I will arrange my application development according to this.
One more thing I have written some new (very useful according to me) and I want to share this with other people and ofcourse with the XApplication Team.
Would you like me to mail you their codes so that you can examine them and maybe integrate them in new versions?
Some of my Tags are :
A tag which controls the permission of the current user and according to it shows or hides the content in the body of this tag.
Another tag parses the checkboxes in the body and concatenate their values with comma and store it in just one field in Tamino.
So that you have one field which can contain many selections.

Hello Mehmet,

next release(s)
For legal reasons, we are not allowed to publicly announce fixed release dates for new versions of X-Application. If you wish to have more information about when you can reasonable expect the new release of X-Application, please write directly to TaminoCommunity@softwareag.com.

We would like it very much to see your tags in the Contribution Forum. Especially the Tag for user permission control sounds of general interest.
If you don´t mind, you could post them as individual topics, so we all could check the interest in it (via download count).

Regards, Harald

this concept has been implemented and released with Tamino X-Application 3.1.3.

Regards, Harald