I’m new to WM working in EDI project replacing Mercator platform. We have WM 6.0.1 and I trying to connect with Sterling using VANFTP or other WM FTP feature ? to send and get EDI X12 data. I didn’t found in the WM documentation where to fill the communication qualifier ZZ and communication ID :XXXXXXXX. I have to use the DUNS number ?? that’s mean the communication ID ? Please someone can clarify how to use properly those qualifiers ? Also where i have to specified the mailbox name…

Thanks in advance

pls use below qualifiers and insert according to your use in the x12 edi document

01-for DUNS and set it in ISA05 (SenderQualifier) and ISA07 (ReceiverQualifier)

ZZ-for MutuallyDefined and follow the same above procedure.

ISA06 (SenderID) and ISA08(ReceiverID) will be the communication ids.

GS02 and GS03 also does the same depends on companies usage these field values can be same as ISA06 and ISA08 or may varies.


The communication qualifier can be set using Trading Networks Console. There is a field by name “External IDs” in profile , one can set the communication qualifier there.

Regarding the mailbox name goto Server Administrator (WebPage) and Under Settings menu there is Link Provided by name “Logging”. U can set the mailbox name there…