VAN Connectivity Issues after fix EDI_8.0_SP1_Fix19

We connect to VAN to get and put EDI messages for one of the partner. Everything used to work fine until we applied the fix EDI_8.0_SP1_Fix19 (to fix FA reconciliation issue). Now the putToVAN service throws errors every time it runs complaining that directory is not found. But the messages are sent to the partner and the same has been verified.

Attached is a screenshot of the putToVAN service from developer.
We are on webMethods 8.2.2.

VANConnectivity.doc (166 KB)

Hello Sravan,

Could you plz check, directory name you are passing to cd cmd and permissions are well ??


Hi RP,
The directory and permissions are all good and as the confirmation the service is able to send the messages to the VAN. The error is thrown by the cd command inside the repeat step and this started happening only after upgrading to the latest fix.