Validator replacedocument not working as advertised?

When we use validator in our sequence and the validation fails (xbd.validator.isvalid = no) the xbd.validator.replacedocument does not seem to work. (ie) the payload is not replaced with the error. We also noted in the mediator log that this property is not even shown even thought it has been set to true :evil:

I think you have misinterpreted the use/output of the Validator step when using this property. If set to true, the Validator will replace “valid” documents but will not do anything with errors other than setting the properties described in the documentation.

Additionally, the property you are not seeing in the log is probably consumed by the validator directly. If you set the property some time before the Validator step, you will probably also see it in the log (given that the logging step is sometime before the Validator step in the sequence).


Mathew you are correct on both points