xbd.error.xxxx properties for XSL Transformer

I?ve written an error handling sequence which relies on xbd.error.text and xbd.error.line Mediator properties. The SOAP gateway sets these properties fine, but XSL transformer doesn?t. I specified wrong file name to test it and ?file not found? error could be seen in the log, but the xbd.error properties were missing. Is this a bug in ver. 7.3 or I am missing something?


Hello Mikhail,

The xbd.error properties are set during on_error processing. In effect, your current sequence processing will stop and the sequencer will search the current step as well as the preceeding processing tree for references to an on_error sequence. If there are no on_error sequences defined in the higher level nodes then the properties will never be set. I tested this in my installation and found no abnormalities in the processing of the properties.
Could you publish the sequence you are testing?

Regards, :cool:

- Matthew G.

Hi Mathew,

I understand exactly what you suggested. I use on_error processing for the whole sequence, i.e. SOAP gateway and XSL transformer should be covered by the same on_error sequence as these elements don?t have an individual on_error specified. The SOAP Gateway sets the properties OK, but XSL Transformer doesn?t.

I attached two files ? sequence itself and error sequence.

FIX306N.xml (1.27 KB)

Here is the second file
FIX306N_Error.xml (1.11 KB)

Hello Mikhail,

Your sequences look clean, at least I don’t see any major problem with them. I do have one concern that I will have to test in my environment before I come to and final conclusion. It would help if you could post a log made at debug level. I am mainly interested in whether the on_error logic is able to find the on_error sequence at its relative location after an error occurs in the Transformer.

Thanks & Regards,

- Matthew G.

Hi Matthew,
The on_error sequence is definitely found as it executes the alternative route (i.e. when xbd.error.text is not set I set the error to “0001”). Here is the log attached.
DEV.xbd.log (173 KB)