Validation on file transferred by SFTP

I am using webmethods 9.8 built in SFTP PUT service to put the files on clients SFTP server. The business wants an explanation on this approach on how can we validate if all the bytes got transferred successfully. As in the
bytes on the source=bytes on target

The business is questioning this approach where in there is no facility in webMethods which would check for the file transferred is equal to file received in terms of its size.

Does SFTP do partial transfers and not throw any error messages. I know that 0 bytes file can be written to the target if there i disk issues but i thought the transfer was atomic as in whole file or none.

Is there some service in webMethods that could check on bytes transferred?

Please HELP!!!

Anyone…Please i would appreciate it.

Hi Abhijit,

if the put service fails to complete the transfer it should fail with an appropriate error message.

If it completes without an error message it is expected that the file was written correctly on the target.