validate XML data with document type

Hi, I hope to explain what I want to do.
I am creating a document type from a xml data file and I have created and document type with that structure.
I am using pub.schema:validate to validate the structure between the document type defined and the document type created from a xml data file. The problem starts when in my document type expects a document list but I am sending one registry and I get this error errorCode:VV-003 errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9027] Dimension mismatch, List expected

by example:
I have this document type

And if I comparing this data with the document type no errors return

But if I comparing this data with the document type an error returns

but in document list Data I can receive one or more data.
is it possible to perform a validation with the document type?
I hope you can help me

Try this way:

pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument (arrays=Data) -- set this parameter correctly
pub.schema:validate (map document to object and set conformsTo to your documentType path)

If you pass the below xml to the above code it will validate as success:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
		<phone>0426 722 2XX</phone>

Refer BIS guide -

Any questions?

Thank you for your reply, it resolved my mistake
My mistake was:

pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument (arrays=Data)  

I was using this service but I didn’t define the (arrrays=Data) and received a dimension mismatch error.