Validate webservice specification content

When I provide to the services, wm.server.swagger:generateUsingSwagger or,an invalid specification file, it creates new empty packages or failed merges with the package’s I had previously created.

Having a string with the content of the JSON,YAML or WSDL web services, there is any way to check if they are valid?

Like what is provided here.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joao Marques,

       There are no services provided to explicitly check whether JSON or WSDL files are valid. However, most of the times, the services that use these JSON/ WSDL files (pub.json.jsonStringToDocument) or the ones you mentioned should flag an error if the inputs are syntactically incorrect. We could discuss why the specific WSDL is not flagged as error if you provide the WSDL in question. 

Thank you,

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