Using WmRoot/wm.server.packages:packageInstall


I want to automate the installation of the package.

I tried to search about WmRoot/wm.server.packages:packageInstall to install my package using flow service . I have already enabled the wmRoot package by placing “watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=False” in Extended settings.

Based here on the forum :

“You have to place the zip files i.e. packages in the inbound folder and submit the file name to “file” variable and “activateOnInstall” variable has to be set to true to enable the packages upon installation.”

How can I submit the file name to “file” variable and “activateOnInstall” variable has to be set to true?

Thank You.

Hi Red,

as it is not possible to invoke this service directly via IS Admin UI, you will have to build a wrapper around it.

I am not sure if this service can be invoked via URL:

What wM version are on?

Is it really neccessary to use this mechanism here?
Did you check usage of Deployer and ProjectAutomator to accomplish your task?



How can I invoke the service via URL?

I tried to use the Deployer wherein I manually copied the file in the /inbound folder, installed and activated the package in the IS(package>management>install inbound packages) but I am not familiar with the ProjectAutomator.

Thank you,


please note that the Deployer has its own replicate/inbound directory under WmDeployer package.
But this only neccessary, if the target environment is not visible to the source (or vice versa).

See Deployer Users Guide and IS Administrators Guide for further informations.


You must consider DevOps CI and CD tool as this will fulfill your requirements and even more. Just give a thought and explore them.