Automating the Deployment process using WmDeployer Services


I like to automate the process of deployment using WmDeployer services. This is something like a scheduled service at my IS should deploy the services automattically everyday instead of using WmDeployer screen.

Will it be possible?

Where can I get the info like description and signature of WmDeployer built-in services?

Whether any of u have automated the Deployment process using WmDeployer services?



I don’t think that there is a way to automate the process of Deployment using WmDeployer services. But you can do the same task by writing a flow which would check for the modification if there is any and publish it then have the subscriber subscribe it and put it into the inbound directory and use the built in service in WmRoot package where you put the package name and it would install the package from inbound package. And finally put that service in the scheduler.

Second thing you can do is write the unix script which would check for updates and ftp the service or the whole package.


The packages\WmDeployer\bin folder has command line .bat and .sh utilities for, ImportBuild, ExportBuild, Deploy, and CreateBuild. DeployerInstallAndUsersGuide.pdf in the packages\WmDeployer\doc folder defines the command line parameters.