Using the JDBC Adapter without a DataSource

Sorry to hear that, Scott. :shock:

If you’re using 9.9, then you’re likely on Java 8, and the original Sun JDBC-ODBC bridge is gone: JDBC-ODBC Bridge

So that’s out of the question.

I don’t know much about EasySoft, but according to their site, they also have a type 2 JDBC driver for MS Access:

In other words, you wouldn’t need to set it up as an ODBC data source first. Depending on whether their driver comes with a DataSource class implementation, you could attempt to use the JDBC Adapter, but I wouldn’t count on it working flawlessly and I would definitely not count on getting any help from Software AG support if things go bad.

Your best bet then have is to use WmDB. That configuration should be pretty straight-forward. After adding an alias, you should simply have to configure the DB URL as required by the EasySoft driver (i.e. jdbc:easysoft:?DBQ=[;=]), enter the driver’s Java class name in the DB Driver field (i.e. easysoft.sql.esMdbDriver), and all the other fields should be fairly intuitive.

Note that a Google search shows other JDBC driver options for Access, some claiming to be pure Java drivers, which is a plus assuming it’s true.

If at all possible, continue to fight the good fight and have the business migrate away from MS Access.

Good luck,