Using sftp in WebMethods...

Hi All,

I would like to use sftp for ftping data through one flow service…

is that possible ???

is there any java service or built in service in WebMethods for sftp…

Please let me know how to use sftp in WM.

Thanks in Advance,

just search the site you may find some solution based on openSSH.

What i used is jsch from, it works well, open source and pure java.
you may want to try it out.


you can use OpenSSH package services to connect to SFTP server. OpenSSH package you can download from Advantage.
Also there are few inbuilt servcies (pub.client:ftp) in WmPublic package which you can use to establish connection with FTP/SFTP servers. Just explore these options.

Using Jsch is probably is a decent solution if you are familiar with the api.
Have a search on the forum as mentioned by tongwang and you should find a few threads on this.

If you Google sftp and webmethods, you should find a utility package written that has part of the code done.



OpenSSH is the ideal way as out-of-box provided by wM

OpenSSH package services to connect to SFTP server. OpenSSH package can be downloaded from Advantage.I would say explore this option as mentioned above.


A few customers have been using Solid Reason’s file managed transfer solution SDX. They are a partner I often work with and I know they have also demoed this solution in last year’s Sag events.

From their documentation: "SDX extends the webMethods integration server to provide inbound SFTP (SSH FTP), FTPS (FTP over SSL), WebDAV, and WebDAV SSL support. Outbound support is provided for SFTP from IS Services and as a Trading network delivery service.

The added features are fully integrated with the integration server, avoiding the need for file polling and providing for real time transfer over these protocols.

SDX is used in highly demanding environments, transferring files of multiple gigabytes at transfer rates only limited by communication infrastructure. It also optimised for the transfer of a massive amount of smaller files."

Of course, it is not a opensource or free, but neither is wM.

If this is something you would be interested in, I can put you in contact with them.