Connecting to AWS S3 Bucket

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I looking for, Can from MFT connect to AWS S3 bucket. Please share if any documentation is available? Any thing needs to setup in MFT?

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As far as I checked, MFT only supports these out of the box.

Multi-protocol support: Provides full support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS (SSL), SFTP (SSH),
SCP (server only), SMB (client only), WebDAV, and WebDAVs protocols.

Proxy server support: Provides full support for file transactions to HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS
proxy servers for protocols that support these proxy server types.

If you intend to use MFT with S3 integrated, you’ll need to purchase a separate product called “CloudStreams Server” to use the “Amazon S3 connector”. With that you can implement flow service that use MFT service and push/pull content to Amazon S3 bucket.

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The other option would be to use AWS components as a bridge

AWS Storage Gateway - connect to S3 via NFS or SMB

AWS Transfer - connect to S3 via SFTP, FTPS, and FTP

Hello Krishna,

I wrote custom java service using amazon S3 classes to connect using IS and read and write files/folders to S3.

You can do same and call these services from MFT, Cloud streams is better way but license restriction didn’t allow us to use cloud streams



an you attach the document directly here please . The tech community site is giving some issues


Support for Amazon S3 in MFT will be available starting 10.7. If you are previous versions, you can use CloudStreams.