Connection from MFT 10.7 Failing to Amazon S3

We aren’t able to establish the connectivity from MFT 10.7 to Amazon S3 bucket. It is failing with error - Amazon S3 Exception : Connection Refused
I saw this post though have couple of question -
AMAZON-S3 not Connecting MFT 10.7 - Forum - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Under VFS, we use Access Token ID & Secret Key to connect to AWS. So when we say , we should assign below permission to the user , does it mean -these permission should be assigned to the above Token ID ?
Please suggest -


Hi Saurav,

“Connection refused” usually suggests Amazon s3 itself is not accessible from the environment.
If it were credential issue, error message would be access denied.

Access token id and secret key are part of credentials of a user and please make sure that, that user has access to list, upload, download, delete files from the S3 bucket configured.


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