Using passthru servlet from X-Plorer

it seems a bit cumbersome to have to type a query statement and a stylesheet location into a URL everytime i want to open a document with a styleshet through the passthru servlet so i would like to define an external tool in x-plorer to open a document with a stylesheet in a browser window. the problem is that i cannot find a way to reference a single document with the arguments descriptors provided in the x-plorer’s customize window. it seems that $INSTANCE$ would be the correct argument descriptor to use in a query statement but it seems that the $INSTANCE$ descriptor just creates an emty string. What exactly is the $INSTANCE$ descriptor supposed to return? perhaps i am not going about this in the best way…if so…any ideas on a better way to open documents through the pass through servlet without having to type a new URL in a browser window each time?

Norbert Kaup has given you an answer to your related question on the X-Plorer forum - does this solve the problem?

Michael Kay

yes, its all clear now. thank you.