Using OpenPGP

I have OpenPGP up and running in wm6. I have successfully imported a key I received from a client usinf the importKey flow service. In order to encrypt a file i need to use the receipientId. It says its supposed to be a short hex like key. Where is this? I have the key and the fingerprint, where can i find this small key???


You don’t actually need to use the Hex. When you access the pgp (we use GnuPG) program from the DOS prompt you can run a command to list the keys that are in your keyring.

The command should look something like this :
–homedir X:/GNUPG_HOMEDIR --no-tty --list-keys

or, in the OpenPGP package, run “pub.openpgp:listKeys”

From that list, you can either use the HEX or the uid of the public key you want to encrypt.

Let me know if that helps.