Using NEE for COBOL only ?

Is it possible to use NEE 5.3.1 on a PC for analysis COBOL and JCL code only (no Natural apps on mainframe) ?
Can this be achieved by using a dummy Natural application on the PC just to make the JCL viewer available ?

What are your recommendations on this and has anyone already done it ?


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This should work fine. You do not need a dummy Natural application loaded. When the JCL objects have been extracted and loaded the JCL Viewer should be available. Run the dataset analysis from the Options menu and then if you right hand click on a JCL object within the viewer you will be able to view the JCL diagram.

Thanks Graham !

I am currently testing this with some very basic COBOL source sample code (downloaded from Internet) and I get some errors at the Extract Source Code stage.
To solve my issues can I get in contact with you directly via email or should I go via Servline ?

It’s pure pre-sales activity to prepare a demo for the customer …