using mput in sftp


We are facing a situation where we have to send multiple files(100) to an outside vendor using sftp connection. In a general sense we would use mput to achieve this but the recent upgrade 9.6 do not have this service built in to sftp. I see it under ftp though. Using ‘put’ is not efficient and we need multiple connections to achieve this. I was wondering if anyone has to face this situation or any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


Try to make a sftp login with the target server and then use mput from ftp folder…for this you can create your own service.

orelse check if openssh folder has compatibly with ur server and use it services

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for the reply. We used openssh in earlier version but its no longer available after upgrade. I tried ftp mput inside sftp connection but could not make it to work. But we found solution which is not very effective but at-least can avoid multiple connections by opening connection once, then loop through file names and ‘put’ them on target server.

If not already done so, please open an idea/feature request in Brainstorm for getting mget and mput implemented for sftp. Or support the existing one if there is one already.