SFTP in webMethods 8.0


Can you please let me know what would be the best approach to transfer files by SFTP. Does webMethods 8.0 (or earlier) provide any options for SFTP, similar to builtin services provided for FTP in WmPublic.


I checked previous posts, and found no support for SFTP in wM 7.1.2, and I don’t see any in webMethods 8.0 either. So, we have zeroed in on using JSch. Please let me know if there is a better Java library out there.


Did you try with OpenSSH sample implemenatation and it supports direct ssh calls, scp and sftp…


Alternatively try client:FTP support FTPS (SSL) with certificates unless this works for your requirement.


I’ve seen the trilead SSH library used successfully to provide SCP, SFTP, SSH facilties.

Thanks for the replies RMG and Reamon!!

If we go with OpenSSH, what would be the maximum file size that can be handled?
In our case we have set operations to perform after logging in. For example:

  1. We have to first get list of filenames for remote server.
  2. Get files using the filenames retrieved before.
  3. Delete files in remote server after they are successfully trasferred from remote server.

So, it would ideal for us to use services which use login session as input. (like ones in pub.client.ftp services). But the maximum file we have to deal with is around 75MB.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this, without bringing the IS down.


“So, it would ideal for us to use services which use login session as input.”

You’ll need to write those.

When writing the wrapper services using OpenSSH (or any library) write them so that they do not load the file to memory but instead read the remote file in chunks and write to disk. Or hand-off the reading/writing to a library class method that does the same. 75MB should not be an issue–if you don’t load it into memory all at once.

We’ve been using SFTP add-on services for Integration Server developed by SolidReason (www.[B]solidreason[/b].eu)