Using GXZ file as a Repository in Production

SAG recommends using the GXZ as the production repository.
Is that the general consensus of the user community? Is anyone using
a database for a repository in production? If so, why?

I typically use a database for production use due to the need to configure the environment for production (different logon user id, password, region). The Connection Information Set is embedded in the gxz, so it can’t be updated either. With the database repository, I can update expired passwords without having to migrate to a staging database, update, export and migrate back.

There’s a bit more risk of unintended updates to production, but managing the userids and passwords (don’t let anyone have the Administrator password, give all prod support users their own user ids) helps.

I did put in a change enhancement request ( to provide external configuration files so we could use the gxz in production.[/url]

C/E poll now available on that post.

The C/E would be most helpful. I urge everyone to vote.

I’d like to vote for the C/E - but the above link appears not to work…

I see you found it over in Brainstorm. For those who would like to add their vote, you have to log in to Empower, then connect to Brainstorm (under “Products” > “Feature Requests in Brainstorm”).

Direct link:

Hi guys

From my understanding ApplinX 9 can see local files using the new web navigation and a URL of eg.

Although it is a bit strange to put configuration files in html format… :roll: