user that posted this document could not be associated..!

I am seeing the following problem when I tried to submit xml doc:
[FONT=Courier]The user that posted this document (aaa) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity.

But I don’t see the error if I post the xml using the user which is in group “TNAdministrators”.

Do we have to place the users in the “TNAdministrators” to receive the documents into TN from external partners?


Do not place external partners in the TNAdministrators group.

When you create a TN profile, an IS user account is created for that profile. The partner must log-in using that account to be able to submit documents to TN.

Review the TN documentation for details on setting this up.

There is a TNPartner group for this purpose to allow your external partners to post msgs to the TN receive service.

This is true, but simply adding a user account to the TNPartner group is insufficient. The user account must be associated with the appropriate TN profile.