User Status and MDN

Can someone tell me exactly what it means or what causes a document
in Trading Networks to recieve a User Status of “IGNORED”? When
processing recieved EDI INT, everything appears to be fine regarding payload, etc and when we try to send an MDN back to them, we get the
MDN with the user status mentioned above.

We are using 6.1 and the Sender/Reciever is correct.

*A side note, I tried to create an additional processing rule for the
EDI MDN that is going to a trading partner, by having the user status
match the Ignored case and use reciever’s prefered delivery method,
and that didn’t work either.

Any Suggestions?

It means that the default processing rule was selected to process the document. Defining a rule with user status of “Ignored” will not work unless the document is resubmitted to TN (it doesn’t have that status until after it is processed). If you have another rule defined but it isn’t getting selected it usually indicates that the rule is specifying something that the document doesn’t match–usually the sender or receiver identifier.

That’s interesting, because the inbound AS2 communication, has
a valid TN Sender/Reciever/Doc Type and is decrypted correctly,
but when the MDN is generated, that’s when it fails and the MDN get’s the
Ignored status. The MDN has a valid sender/reciever showing. So,
I’m really at a loss on what it could be. Everything appears to be correct.

Thanks for the reply.

All AS2/EDIINT documents that use a default processing rule have a user status set to IGNORED.

The question is Why did it choose the default processing rule?

It chose the default processing rule because an element of the processing rules is NOT correct. Make certain EDIINT Processing rules have the following elements in them.

Processing Rule Send/Rec/DOCtype/UserStatus
EDIINT Send Message Any/Any/EDIINT/SendMsg
EDIINT Process Message Any/Any/EDIINT/ProcessMsg
EDIINT Process MDN Message Any/Any/EDIINT/MDN ProcessMDNMsg