User access inside a custom Application

Hello everyone,

I’ve made an application using Application builder(v1.2.5), Where I have multiple dashboard on the nav side and these dashboard shows the data from particular device location.
I want to limit access to the user as per their location.

In the attached image Wauna1, Wauna 2 and Wauna 5 are the locations and they have three dashboard each. I want to know if it is possible to create a role for all these location, so that if a user is from wauna 1 location can only see wauna 1 dashboard folder.

Thank you in advance.


As far as I am aware roles are assigned to user and not to locations and we don’t have feature to restrict dashboard based on role in application builder.

So this is not possible ATM.

Request you to raise feature request in application builder for Role based Dashboard access at



Thank You for your kind response, I’m just wondering if it is possible to add Groups features inside application builder… I think with Groups we can add dashboard inside and then setup an inventory role for the Groups.
Is Groups feature available in Application builder or any step for that?



There are two types of group feature available in application builder:

At Dashboard level: Just add dashboard by providing details in “path” field.

For example

“myGroup/dashboard1” So myGroup will be the folder name and dashboard1 will be inside that folder. However this is logical group and NOT Device Group


At Device Group Level: If you have actual device group with set of devices then you can use

“Create group Template” option while adding dashboard and provide group name





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