How to create dynamic dashboard using app builder code?

Hi Team,
I have created 4 types of custom widgets and i want show each widget will be seperate dashboard. How to get dynamically dashboards and widgets?

Hi Thamizharasan,

Can you share more details on your use case ?

How are you expecting dashboards to render dynamically ? Based on what parameters/conditions/criteria ?



Hi Darpan,

Based on device id and widget should be dynamic.
Already i got one scenario but i have another one scenario.
Below the image will be first dashboard:
Step 1: below image i’m having multiple(location) widget if user click the any one of the widget, it should redirect to another widget(utilities) page or dashboard

Step 2: Below image will show in second dashboard or N no.of widget(Utilities) page

Step 3: Final will be device dashboard page or widget page

Please verify and let me know the suggestions.

Thamizharasan P

Hi Thamizharasan,

Navigation from one dashboard(page) to another dashboard(page) is possible dynamically using angular router.

For example, you can call a method when user click on image/element in your page and configure routing as below:

this.router.navigate([ /application/${appId}/tabgroup/${tabgroupId}/dashboard/${dashboardId}/device/${deviceId}]);

Please note that “/application/${appId}/” and “/dashboard/${dashboardId}/” are mandatory parameters while tabgroup and deviceId are optional (you need to provide this if configured while creating dashboard).

appId: you will find this from URL

dashboardId: this is target dashboard where you want to redirect.

You also need to import router service in your component.



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