Usage of replaceChild() in the Java API


I’ve got a problem with the Java API of Tamino. I want to edit some elements within a stored document without retrieving the whole document, editing it and update it.
I think the methods I need are appendChild(), replaceChild() and removeChild() of TaminoClient, but I can’t get them working.

Example: I have the doctype “example” in the collection “test”, the doctype has the following structure:


I want to replace the element “bbb” by another element “bbb” by using replaceChild(String relUrl, String xpath, Node node).
What do I have to use for relUrl and xpath?

I have the XML-Starterkit “only”, and the documentation delivers no example for this.
Does anybody know how to solve my problem?


I know the problem now, why I can’t get the methods working: they work only with a Tamino filter for the Internet Information Server on Windows. Does anybody know whether these methods will work with Apache in future too, and if yes, when?


… with - it works with a tamino filter ???




see Tamino documentation under

→ X-Machine Programming Interfaces
→ Document Object Model (DOM) APIs
→ Common API Features
→ Tamino Filter for IIS

(e.g. file:///D:/Programme/Software%20AG/Tamino/Tamino%



Pls Download the First Steps examples from the Demo Zone.