Tamino API for DOM Level 2: problem with removeChild.

Hi there,

I am using the un-released version of the Java HTTP API. AppendChild works perfect with Xerces and that increases performance compared with the one shipped with Tamino. Now, I am trying to use removeChild using exactly the same parameters I used to appendChild and I am getting the response “No message received” (INOXME8554).

Here is the code:

TaminoClient client = new TaminoClient( “http://vispdev1/visp” );
TaminoResult rs = client.removeChild("/visp/data/@1", “//data/projects/project”);

The project node is the node I inserted using appendChild. I have tried using “//data/projects/project[1]”, “//data/projects/project/@1” in the XPath and it still doesn’t work. Does anybody here know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

– Juan