UrgentReceived document that does not match with any conversation scripts

You should try testing from your end by submitting a similar document. If your server doesnt recognize it, that could be the problem. Does TN recognize the document type?
Thanks and good luck.

Actually the RNO message Should contain 4-Root tags;
one for the Preamble, One for the DeliveryHeader ,one for the ServiceHeader and one for the ServiceContent (Actual message).

But in your Note it says only 3 root tags,Can you pls make sure this again…


The problem might be ProcessDocument step ,conversationID might not be getting populated.Pls check your flow and also conversation script side.

I hope you are receiving all 4 Root Tags in the RNO message,which i mentioned above.



I am not dealing with RosettaNet yet, in terms of the conversation script, I am acting as the initiator from the seller focal role. I receive a document from my backend system, build the xml document from it. This xml document is the internal document to be matched with the internal docuement type, the inbound map step in the conversation script, which effectively starts the conversation. For some reason, I am not able to read that xml document and match the doctype and therefore can not start the conversation. I have checked the processDocument step and don’t see any issues with the data that I am submitting. I have also gone over the script and can’t find anything. It appears to be in the data and parsing of that data due to a namespace issue.

In the pipeline are you able to see the ConversationId(cid) before or after processDocument service invoked.I am sure some thing might be missing in the flow,or i might be wrong in justifying the exact cause.

As you said it might be data and parsing,so is your xml passing validation in coversation process?


It dies in the ProcessDocuement service on the recognize step, so I am not sure if I have the cid or not. As for validation, I am not validating the xml in flow or in the conversation.

This might lead to XML is not valid which is not recognized by TN,but still no other fail point to consider,sorry if i am wrong.ok any way some experts might be waiting to resolve this problem…we will see.