Urgent problem with Pentium IV processor

Hi all,

I installed Tamino version on Windows 2000 platform with Pentium IV processor.
All it’s ok until starting a new database.
When I start the db the message received from Tamino is the same that other people saw:

INOXHE8220 XML initialization:SXS initialization failed: Cannot load jvm library.

INOSXE7062 SXF caller: initialization failed

INOXHF8229 XML thread initialization: SXS thread initialization failed, rsp: -1

INODSF1319 Unexpected signal 11 received

I performed many installations but this is the first time that I had a java environment problem under Windows.
If I type “java -version” I see :
java version "1.2.2"
This is a version that I downloaded from the network before to make the Tamino installation.
The installation steps that I used are the same of older installations.
It’s very important to have a feedback in few time.

kind regards

Cristian Silipigni
Software AG Italy

It requires a special license key for P-IV Server. If you are Software AG customer, please contact your local support. Otherwise, or you used starterkit version, install it on P-III server.

Tamino works fine with Pentium III processor but
sometimes we have to work with that the customer wants!
The produced modifications to the licence work well but this change does not allow to use the Server Extension.
I know the problem will be solved with the new Tamino version (in only seven days). At the moment can’t I use the Server Extension anyway ?