Uploading to database question

:):eek:Hi All guys,I’m new here and using wm7.

I got a big question.
When I uploading the .txt or .csv file.
How can it be insert in to the DB. I got a form like that…

<form name="request" method="post" action="invoke/tmns.services:uploadTest" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<input type="file" name="upfile">
<input type="submit" size="30" value="submit">

The file content like that…


And I wanna know about How the IS service to get the stream(Which is Column and content test1…) of this upfile.
And use which IS service for that?flow service?Java service?
And if use flow service the input is a object right?
Please tell me more kindly…I’m a very new guy…

Oh…Thanks a lot…I never ever forget it…

Best Regard.

Have a look at the Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide.

HI mcarlson,

I haven’t any guide…so can you give me a training?or sample.

such as


Sorry, this is an all-volunteer, member-supported forum. Search wMUsers for previous posts on Flat File Schema.

If your company or client is using webMethods they have access to the documentation that you need. There is no substitute for studying the documentation and working through examples. Discussion forums can not train you.