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Hi all,
Does anyone know where uploaded documents are saved on the CentraSite server?.


Look in the WebDAV resource:


Supporting documents are in projects/SupportingDocumentsLibrary, schemas in projects/CentraSite/XMLSchemas, etc.

See http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite8-2_fcs/CentraSite/8-2_CentraSite/inodav/overview.htm for more information


I am not sure what you mean by uploaded documents. Are you refering to the “Supporting documents library”? If yes,. you can access the documents via CentraSite Control. Anyway, the answer to your question might be “in the webDAV reporitory”. You can browse this repository with a browser by entering the URL http://yourmachine:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite/ino:dav/ino:dav and giving credentials of a user that has the appropriate access rights



What i ment was where does it physicaly saved on the CentraSite Machine

In a file called AAB00001.2D0 together with all other data

If i need to change the files extensions for all the files in the folder, how should i do it?

The size of the AAB00001.2D0 file has increased to 54 GB in one of our servers.
What impact does it have on Centrasite, if we move this file from the filesystem?

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Anwit Daityari

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The 2D0 file is the CentrSite database file. You can use the MoveCentraSiteRR script to create a copy of the database in a new installation.

Search the forum for other postings on purging data from the database. Documentation includes utility to shrink data file once you have completed the purge.

I am also facing the same issue in our produciton environment and size of the AAB00001.200 file got increased to 50+ GB… If you guys know the resolution to share impact and how to purge it. if any documents pelase share.