Upgrading SAP from 4.1 to 6.1

Hello Fellow wM Users

I have run into a problem in upgrading the SAP integration from 4.x to 6.1.
The integration Connects to the SAP ALE Server in 4.x through the ALE adapter and recieves the Invoice data.
Now to upgrade in 6.x i am employing this strategy, We are using wM Partners to recieve iDocs by setting up a listener and setting up Inbound map by specifying Function Name.
Is this the only approach? Is there any way to set up something similar to the ALE adapter ?
I am using SAP adapter version 4.5 along with IS 6.1

Please help!

Thanks And Regards

Hi Pritam,
Look into new webM product named “IS6.5 for SAP”. WebMethods recommends to upgrade from the SAP BC4.x to this version. This comes with everything you need to connect to SAP and keep your existing SAP 4.x integrations intact.


If you are upgrading yoru SAP BC4.x to IS6.1/SAPAdapter4.5 or above then WmPartners/RFClistener/Routing ALER3/IDOC transort Inbound/Outbound process is the only approach and you are in the right track.I think you have to migrate ALE adapter logic to the SAPAdapter4.5 or above this is the way to go.In my previous client they did the upgrade from BC/IS4.x to IS6.1/SAPAdapter process.