Upgrading Oracle database: Impact on webMethods

Dear All,

We are moving our ORACLE database 8.1.7 to 10g. Would anybody kindly let me know the possible impact on webMethods also the possible changes in webMethods?

Thanx for help


It would help to know a little bit more about your environment. What version of webMethods are you using? Which components are you concerned about (ie. IS, TN, Portal, Workflow, Portal, Optimize etc)? If you are asking about IS, are you using Oracle for built-in pools or just for custom table access via the JDBC adapter?

As a starter… the JDBC 6.0.3 Adapter for IS supports Oracle 10g. webMethods 6.5 components (IS, TN, Portal) are certified against Oracle 10g. If you could provide some more information we’ll be able to help you more effectively. Thanks.


Hi James,

As you asked
IS version: 6.1
I’m concerned with IS. But we are using Modeler & Monitor as well. Will be there any effect on these?
Our few end applications has oracle database which will be upgraded from 8.1.7 to 10g. webMethods access these end application oracle tables using JDBC adapter.
JDBC Adapter Version: 6.0.3

Could you please let me know also the neccessary changes we need to make in webMethods configurations for this Oracle upgradation? Let me know if you need any more information.

Thanx for your help.


Oracle 10g is not certified for use with built-in db pools in IS 6.1. Your access to custom db tables via the JDBC adapter will be fine, but the IS Core Audit, Process Audit etc JDBC Pools are not certified for use with 10g in 6.1.

IS 6.5 is certified against 10g for these built-in pools.

I would recommend you log a call with webMethods Technical Support to get an official response. I would do this quickly as it may impact your Oracle upgrade plans.


Thanx a lot James! I will surely open a ticket with wM technical services. I will let you know what happens.