Upgrading Mediator to SO and rollback.


We are about to upgrade Mediator 7.4.2 to SO From SO documentation it is clear that if installed in different directories, SO can be installed along with Mediator in the same box. But I also came to know that installing SO will upgrade the Software AG platform tools like SMH, XTS and Base technology to new version since only one version of these can exist in a machine.

Now the main process of we planning to install SO along with Mediator is to rollback if we hit any issues during installation or configuration. Just in case while upgrading to SO fails and since SMH and Base Technology is upgraded, is it possible to still rollback to Mediator?

If any of you have done the upgrade from Mediator to Service Orchestrator, I would wish to know whether the migration was smooth or did you hit any road blocks?

Also note that we plan to install CentraSite 3.1.7 also for persistance and UDDI features in the same box as SO.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,